Mercure guarantees you the best price

If you find a lower price elsewhere, we'll match it - less 10%

If you book a Mercure hotel online at and find (within 24 hours) an equivalent offer on another website for the same hotel at a lower price, we will honor the lower rate andgive you a further reduction of 10%.

How can you benefit from the Best Price Guarantee? It's very simple!

Book a Mercure hotel on our website, taking advantage of our best available rates. You will receive a reservation confirmation number.

If you find, within the next 24 hours, a lower rate for an equivalent offer on another Internet site (same hotel, same dates, same type of room, same sales conditions, etc.), fill in the online form on our site attaching the required supporting documents to request application of the best price guarantee.

Our customer service, after verifying the information you provide, will confirm your reservation at the lowest stated rate with a further reduction of 10%.

You will enjoy your stay with the guarantee of getting the best price for your room. So why book anywhere else?

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