Mall of the Emirates Events

Mall of the Emirates Events

The Mall of the Emirates has a tradition of being a part of regular annual events, competitions and promotions throughout the year, and the Dubai Shopping Festival is one of them – celebrating the spirit of shopping. Hosted by Dubai Government, the Dubai Shopping Festival kicks off every year with a wide variety of events, competitions, activities and promotions. There are plenty of deals and discounts for shoppers across the emirate. The month-long retail event, taking place from January until February, is the biggest and largest shopping festival in the UAE.

Another remarkable annual event that takes place at the Mall of the Emirates is the Annual Ice Warrior Challenge. It is one of the largest charity events in the UAE that helps children with special needs. Competitors will have to be self-sufficient in the snowpark with temperatures as low as -4 degrees and a number of obstacles that require high level of physical and mental endurance. The challenge is held on the 1st of November every year at Ski Dubai.

Every year during the Dubai Summer Surprises, Mall of the Emirates becomes a venue for various kinds of events, shows and competitions. DSS Aerialist Show is one such annual event that brings together families, tourists and residents to celebrate the summer festival. Internationally acclaimed aerialists wow the crowd by creating visually stunning, high impact performances, both on ground and in air using a number of props. The show takes place during the month of August.

Mall of the Emirates transforms into a magical place with bright festive cheer, lighting extravaganzas and family entertainment events during the most celebrated annual festivals of the country - Eid and Christmas. December is a month of festive cheer all over the country as the UAE celebrates its National Day early in the month. Events and shows are held all across the mall in merriment. Visitors can walk around and absorb the festive ambiance with many leisure and cultural activities, and the best deals and discounts on shopping that the city has to offer. The mall remains open until late hours giving visitors more time to enjoy the various entertainment offerings and shopping extravaganzas.

Published by Grégoire / 08/11/2016
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